Thursday, August 24, 2006

The end of SPORTS TALK

Sorry, I will no longer be doing this website. Right now Im to busy with everything. It was a good run for more than a year, but I think its just about time to move on. Thank you everyone who has followed the site.


May 26, 2005-August 24, 2006

Friday, June 16, 2006

Taking a Break.....Be back in August

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Astros, "Drop" 5th Strait in 18

Last night the struggling Houston Astros “dropped,” their 5th consecutive loss to the hands of the last place Pittsburgh Pirates. The game was see-saw battle the entire night, through early Sunday mourning, going 18 innings setting a PNC Park record for the longest game ever played there.
The last 18 inning game fans remember seeing is the `05 Astros topping the Atlanta Braves with a walk off HR from the hands of then rookie Chris Burke sending the Braves packing home once again and the Astros to their 2nd consecutive N.L.C.S. vs. the Cardinals where they would win in 6 games, giving the franchise their first world series birth. Last nights game however had virtually no meaning to it, and its looking like it wont the way both teams look like their going as of now, with Pittsburgh being (16-33) and 16 games behind the St. Louis, and the Houston having a (25-25) record, 7.5 games behind the Cards.
The Houston loss has to hurt to team a lot after having several leads and never being able to shut the door on Pittsburgh down. Jason Bay seemed to be the man to carry his young ball club through the long night with a HR to give his Pirates a one run lead and his 5th strait game with a homer and robbing Morgan Ensburg of a homer.
A lot later on in the 17th, Willy Taveras hit a sharp single to center giving Houston a 7-6 lead, only to see Mike Gallo gave up a monster shot to Jose Castillo bring this game to another tie after the first pitch of the bottom half of the inning. Houston would leave Gallo in for the 18th, and with Bay on 2nd, they chose to intentionally walk Craig Wilson only to have Gallo throw it over the head of catcher Eric Munson. Also worth note, Gallo and Munson never could seem to match up their signs right together, Munson continually had to jog out to the mound to make sure everything was correct for the next pitch which had to be tiring considering he was playing all night long. The next batter Jose Bautista hit a short sac fly to Willy Taveras, Taveras would deliver a perfect strike to home plate only to see Munson not be able to handle it with Bay driving through him giving Pittsburgh a rare win.
The game didnt come with out any controversy though, Chris Burke was called out at home plate that would of given Houston the lead, and the winning run. However video clearly states the catcher never made the tag on Burke and a rightfully living Phil Garner would be thrown out of the game.
After the long game, both teams will square off today at 11:35 ET on short rest. Pittsburgh will then stay at home for the Brewers, and the Astros will travel to St. Louis to take on Albert Pujols and the Cardinals.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Pujols on Record Pace

Cardinals all-star first basemen Albert Pujols, leads in majors with 19 home runs already this season, and he is the fastest ever to reach 19 homers in a season in M.L.B. history. The media is starting to speculate whether or not Pujols can eclipse Barry Bonds’ 73 HR season in 2001, but before they start to compare they seriously do need to wait until the all star break.
Not only is Pujols hitting balls out of the park, but in doing so he’s bringing in runs leading the majors with 47 RBI’s, and he is 8th in the majors hitting .341 allowing his team to be in the race for a 3rd consecutive division championship with the Card’s now 1 game up on Cincinnati and 3 games ahead of Houston.
Unlike Bonds, people would admit to wanting to see Pujols break the single season HR record because the media doesn’t constantly blast him, instead to constantly praise him and put him on a higher scale then any other baseball player in the major leagues, which he does deserve, all you have to look at his numbers since he joined St. Louis in 2001.

Avg. HR. RBI

2001 .329 37 130
2002 .314 34 127
2003 .359 43 124
2004 .331 46 123
2005 .330 41 117

2006 .341 19 47

Pujols still has a long way to go, and we’ll just have to wait and see if teams even pitch to him and make his teammates like Rolen and Edmonds beat them. Im thinking to break Bonds` record he’ll have to have 40-50 HR’s at the break.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bonds Robbed from Ruth

Last night with Giants slugger Barry Bonds was one home run shy of the immortal Babe Ruth, the fans stormed to the stadium, media rushed hoping to catch a glimpse of history, and baseball fans all over America stayed up to see Bonds tie Ruth.
The only thing standing in the way on this night were the Chicago Cubs. In Bonds first at bat he was walked. In his 2nd attempt in the night, Bonds ripped the first ball he saw sending it just short of the warning track in right center field. Later in the 7th inning, everybody except for Cubs nation was waiting anxiously to see Barry go deep once again. On a 3-2 count Bonds sent the ball flying strait to center field and had tied Ruth on the all-time HR list, only to see Cubs CF Juan Pierre jump and snag the ball and for now halt Bonds place in history.
In that same inning two of Bonds teammates went deep. Randy Wynn with his 3rd HR of the year to leadoff the inning, and Lance Niekro with his 2nd of the season, but none of those runs were the type the fans, country, and media was looking for. The Giants scored 3 runs that inning using all 9 batters in the lineup, and because of the explosive 7th, it allowed Bonds to take one last crack at Ruth with a 6-1 lead.
With every pitch, flashes were going off all over AT&T Park. Again with a full count and after Bonds was robbed in his previous at bat, everybody in attendance was expecting a Bonds bomb. Unfortunately, the the fans would leave home disappointed with Bonds hitting a single to left center.
Signs appear good for him to tie Ruth with the Cubs bullpen being tired after for the next game. Once he does tie and pass Ruth, it will set him up for what we’ve been waiting for. Bonds will go “mano y mano” with Hank Aaron (755 HR’s) and will need 40 homers to tie Hammering Hank.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bush-Whacked!!! Texans Draft Williams

Since January 1st and Reggie Bush declared himself eligible for the N.F.L. Draft, everyone assumed Bush would go number one overall to the Houston Texans. But overtime, as we came closer and closer to draft day, speculation became louder that Houston could go with N.C. State DE Mario Williams instead.
Nobody could of possibly imagined anyone passing up on a Reggie Bush. Well, by the end of Friday night, the Texans signed Williams to a 6 year deal for $54 Million, and passed up the `05 Heisman Trophy winner.
What is Houston thinking in this move exactly? They thought Williams, who wasn’t as dominant as Bush, was a better fit for the team. Now, they’ve passed up an excellent opportunity to have possibly one of the most dynamic offence’s in the game, and Bush would of helped protect David Carr who’s been sacked 208 times in his career from being put on his rear end, again. And right now, Carr has a great excuse to be one of the most furious men in the city of Houston.
Williams does make their Defense better, but sacks and tackles isn’t going to protect Carr and put points on the board. I hope the Texans know they passed up on passably the Michael Jordan of football.
Also, in today’s draft, Reggie Bush was drafted second overall by the New Orleans Saints, followed by the Tennessee Titans drafting University of Texas star Vince Young. It took longer then expected but eventually, Matt Leinart was selected 10th by the Arizona Cardinals.
In a very questionable pick, the Denver Broncos drafted Jay Cutler even though they already have Jake Plummer who was a M.V.P. canadent last season. Also, USC back LenDale White was taken in the second round by the Titans and will be joined with his opponent from the Rose Bowl, Vince Young. This years draft will be remembered for a long time cause of surprises and questionable picks, but only time can tell.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Huge Blow to Cubs Early in Season

Once again it seems the curse of the Billy Goat has taken place in Chicago. A year after their cross-town foes win the World Series, the Cubs were expected to make a run this season.
However they began the season with their two aces Mark Prior and Kerry Wood being placed on the D.L. Now, the day after a collision at first base with Dodger Rafael Furcal, their new franchise player Derek Lee whom they’ve just signed to a multi-year contract, now has a fractured hand and will be out indefinitely. The team will not speculate on just how long their All-Star First baseman will be out, but he could miss two or three month’s striking a blow into the hearts of the Cubbies.