Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bush-Whacked!!! Texans Draft Williams

Since January 1st and Reggie Bush declared himself eligible for the N.F.L. Draft, everyone assumed Bush would go number one overall to the Houston Texans. But overtime, as we came closer and closer to draft day, speculation became louder that Houston could go with N.C. State DE Mario Williams instead.
Nobody could of possibly imagined anyone passing up on a Reggie Bush. Well, by the end of Friday night, the Texans signed Williams to a 6 year deal for $54 Million, and passed up the `05 Heisman Trophy winner.
What is Houston thinking in this move exactly? They thought Williams, who wasn’t as dominant as Bush, was a better fit for the team. Now, they’ve passed up an excellent opportunity to have possibly one of the most dynamic offence’s in the game, and Bush would of helped protect David Carr who’s been sacked 208 times in his career from being put on his rear end, again. And right now, Carr has a great excuse to be one of the most furious men in the city of Houston.
Williams does make their Defense better, but sacks and tackles isn’t going to protect Carr and put points on the board. I hope the Texans know they passed up on passably the Michael Jordan of football.
Also, in today’s draft, Reggie Bush was drafted second overall by the New Orleans Saints, followed by the Tennessee Titans drafting University of Texas star Vince Young. It took longer then expected but eventually, Matt Leinart was selected 10th by the Arizona Cardinals.
In a very questionable pick, the Denver Broncos drafted Jay Cutler even though they already have Jake Plummer who was a M.V.P. canadent last season. Also, USC back LenDale White was taken in the second round by the Titans and will be joined with his opponent from the Rose Bowl, Vince Young. This years draft will be remembered for a long time cause of surprises and questionable picks, but only time can tell.


Blogger The Buss said...

It goes with something I heard on ESPN yesterday during the draft. They were saying that no matter how good Williams is, if Reggie Bush lives up to even half of the expectations set forth to him, then this will go down in history as one of the worst mistakes in draft history.
There's no way they should have passed up Bush. If he ends up performing in the NFL consistently with how he performed at USC, then the Texans have no excuse.

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