Thursday, April 20, 2006

Huge Blow to Cubs Early in Season

Once again it seems the curse of the Billy Goat has taken place in Chicago. A year after their cross-town foes win the World Series, the Cubs were expected to make a run this season.
However they began the season with their two aces Mark Prior and Kerry Wood being placed on the D.L. Now, the day after a collision at first base with Dodger Rafael Furcal, their new franchise player Derek Lee whom they’ve just signed to a multi-year contract, now has a fractured hand and will be out indefinitely. The team will not speculate on just how long their All-Star First baseman will be out, but he could miss two or three month’s striking a blow into the hearts of the Cubbies.


Blogger The Buss said...

The Cubs are the other Red Sox. Being a long time Red Sox fan, I was pretty used to bad luck every year preventing the team from doing good, and then they finally broke through. Even if that's the only one they ever win, us Red Sox fans will be talking about it forever.
Will the Cubs ever win the world series? I say no. Why? Because they're the Cubs, they're the lovable losers now, now that the Red Sox have gotten theirs. We have to have the bad luck ball clubs, and now the Red Sox AND White Sox have done it, so that only leaves the Cubs really, they can't win it, the balance of time as we know it would shift and life would cease to exist...or something.

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