Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bonds Robbed from Ruth

Last night with Giants slugger Barry Bonds was one home run shy of the immortal Babe Ruth, the fans stormed to the stadium, media rushed hoping to catch a glimpse of history, and baseball fans all over America stayed up to see Bonds tie Ruth.
The only thing standing in the way on this night were the Chicago Cubs. In Bonds first at bat he was walked. In his 2nd attempt in the night, Bonds ripped the first ball he saw sending it just short of the warning track in right center field. Later in the 7th inning, everybody except for Cubs nation was waiting anxiously to see Barry go deep once again. On a 3-2 count Bonds sent the ball flying strait to center field and had tied Ruth on the all-time HR list, only to see Cubs CF Juan Pierre jump and snag the ball and for now halt Bonds place in history.
In that same inning two of Bonds teammates went deep. Randy Wynn with his 3rd HR of the year to leadoff the inning, and Lance Niekro with his 2nd of the season, but none of those runs were the type the fans, country, and media was looking for. The Giants scored 3 runs that inning using all 9 batters in the lineup, and because of the explosive 7th, it allowed Bonds to take one last crack at Ruth with a 6-1 lead.
With every pitch, flashes were going off all over AT&T Park. Again with a full count and after Bonds was robbed in his previous at bat, everybody in attendance was expecting a Bonds bomb. Unfortunately, the the fans would leave home disappointed with Bonds hitting a single to left center.
Signs appear good for him to tie Ruth with the Cubs bullpen being tired after for the next game. Once he does tie and pass Ruth, it will set him up for what we’ve been waiting for. Bonds will go “mano y mano” with Hank Aaron (755 HR’s) and will need 40 homers to tie Hammering Hank.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

man... barry got ripped off... i wanted to see him hit one right out of the park and hit one of those hypocritical steroid people in the noggin because i am sick and tired of their whining and complaining... get over it you bunch of babies... when you all stop taking roids up the butt then you can b*tch at barry... this is jim rome... i am out... haha actually its roland... but im still out...

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